What do you think

:? i just bid a roof non walker 3 layer resheet 22sq at 11500 find out it is 5 layers, all the clap board from the dormers is in one way or another rotted so is the gal, flashing on the dormers plus the chim.i’m going to remove the yankee gutters and add pre primed pine and install seamless gutters i raised the price 6500 and the home owner agreed,but i;m told i’m still to low.the house is in Buffalo n.y. what do you think?

how bout some pics. who says your too low?

Well at over 800 a square im having problems with your too low. But i have not seen the job. 1 thing you should ask yourself is do i have work to not do it. materials should cost you around 67 a square and wood should cost you around a grand. Labor should be around a 100 a square maybe a bit more so lets say 2860. So thats 5334. ok a 13k profit is good. oh forgot the gutters ok another grand with wood another grand. 11k is not bad for proffit. Now i dont know your numbers but where im at this are my numbers. But unlike other areas in the states i dont have the luck to pay for flashing per foot or anything like that. THese shumks have included everything in so there are zero extras.

Think?! I try not to…it hurts.