What does anyone make of this job? Input?

Here is my roof. I am not happy :evil:
What do you all think? See for yourselves…Be sure to look at all photos within my photostream of "Roof."

i cant see the rest of your photos from that link.

and it looks to me like you have some saggy decking. is that your main complaint? or are there other areas of concern?

[quote=“jilldai”]Here is my roof. I am not happy :evil:
What do you all think? See for yourselves…Be sure to look at all photos within my photostream of "Roof."


  1. How long “after” the job was done were these pics taken?

  2. What was the temperature on the day the pics were taken and for the next few days?

  3. How were the shingles stored (“on” the ridge in the sun for days before install)?

  4. How many layers of roofing are there?

  5. Hand nailed or nail gunned?

gutter looks bent.
shingles have a hump.
not the end of the world.


The shingles were stored on the roof for four days in 100 degree heat. The pics were taken the morning after work was finished. One layer of roofing, nail gunned. Here is the link to the photo stream. You may have to copy and paste the link into your browser.



So maybe a new gutter and some goo gone. Also maybe a new box vent. Problems solved. The caps will settle. Could they have cleaned better? Yes. But a few debris left in the yard is not the biggest of concerns and either is ONE nail. It does happen. This would go in the P.I.T.A category after gutter situation and walls cleaned was taken care of.

The things that are usual in this circumstance with someone being unhappy is that they never cared how the roof looked before it got done. Nor will anyone else ever care how it looks afterwards. No one will ever come to your house and say oh wow, your box vent may have been stepped on. I find it funny considering your roof is protecting the thing you most likely have paid the most for ever in your life time.

I’m always curious when I see comment and photos like these. The very first question that comes to mind is what you paid for the job…not exactly, but was it the cheapest, middle or highest?

It seems in my experience (and I’m a tightwad), that you get what you pay for time and time again. Besides that a good referral is the best way of knowing what the job will be like in the end.

Finally, never pay the full amount due until the “job” is done.

Good cleanup is part of the job and may not have anything to do with the roofers, but maybe the tear-off crew. But you can’t be picky about a piece of felt…etc., here and there.

The marks on the walls will come off with a bit of mineral spirits, but a good company would take care of it for you.

The bumpiness of the shingles will flatten out to some degree as others here have pointed out.

Was this a “laying shingles over existing”?
If so, then that may be the reason. You’ll save money with that, but it won’t last as long and not look as good.

Where the shingles laid over wet felt?
If not, the felt probably got wrinkled in the hot sun and will flatten.

i agree with what has been said

OK thanks for the comments. They are going to clean up and fix the areas that need fixing. I just expect people to treat my place as it were their own. There was one crew of 5 guys the entire time. There is more than a piece of felt here and there. I have a small child and nails are littered all over.

Let me guess…no one spoke English either? I agree with everyone else-Ray

What’s the deal with adding “non-english speaking workers”? Does that imply that they’re more apt to do a worse job?

Come on.

Just for the record, I have had 6 roofing jobs at one location or another, and in 50% of the jobs, each one was done poorly, sloppy or just plain non-code in one way or another.

In each case, it was done by people that spoke English well, and were born and raised in the U.S.

While those jobs don’t make a scientific survey, I’d say that there are plenty of roofing people that can screw up a job and give everyone else a bad name.

I believe, if it was not his direct point, that what should have been implied, is that a good line of communication for what is supposed to be done should be agreed to before the crew gets there, but once the crew is working on your home, a definite need for clear communication and understanding is a necessity to keep the customer satisfied.


Actually, was assuming it was a cheap bid= cheap labor= usually illegals around here.