What does the salesman do?

Hey, I am new to the website, and about 3 years into business.
I read everywhere that people are hiring salespeople that close 100K + a month. Few questions regarding that.

  1. Are these salesmen finding there own leads?
  2. Are they going to every door? or just roofs that look bad?
  3. And are the companies that hire the salesman actually doing all the work, or just selling these jobs to other roofing companies?

Great question!
Many of the ads have no promise of delivery just a dream to reach. Others may have salesman making well over that. Most companies require the salesman bring in clients what they don’t mention in the ads… you will most likely be 1099 and paying a different tax bracket so save receipts. Provide your own insurance truck and equipment. Keep good track of all miles each day, or each project. Get a good contract that outlines how much and when you will be compensated. It could be three months after the work is complete! When the ball is rolling and in a fresh storm you can earn well over a hundred thousand.
I hope this helps, best of luck

You asked what a roofing salesman does ? Where i come from in Detroit local 149 salesmen bust their asses ,they put out all the bids for a company’s work ,they measure all the buildings ,core every roof ,estimate dumpsters ,penetrations ,labor ,materials etc ,they aren’t out running down job leads ,they are bidding work where our company is on a contractors bidders list ,those get rich quick ads you see are complete B’S, ask yourself this ,if your paid via commission on what you sell then who are the very 1st businesses doors you knock on you know need a roofing contractor ?