What does your proposal layout look like/read?

The Most Respected Name In Roofing And Siding
P/F #’S
DATE: 00/00/00 NO: 000000



We will provide all labor, materials and equipment necessary to complete the following:

  1. Remove existing shingles and all roof accessories to expose roof deck.
  2. Furnish and install new .019 aluminum drip edge applied to all eaves and rakes.
  3. Furnish and install ice and water shield to all eaves and valleys.
  4. Furnish and install new grade #30lb asphalt underlayment to cover exposed decking secured with

Of course this is type written as copy and paste does not show our actual proposal with our name and graphics. Just wondering what you put into your bids.


why is the owner responsible for permits and fees ? Not a bad template though. We also have a generic template for different types of roofs as they often have the same bullet points. ashpalt shingles,cedar,commercial,slate&tile all have there own basic bullets.every job has a few custom things as well. The key is to be different from the others.

ok RooferJ, here we go again. The BIG holiday is over, so we dont need to be nice anymore I guess. Its how I was taught. You need a permit and have to pay for it, you go and get it. I had drainage work done at my house and I had to go and pay for the permit. I had a friend build an addition at my house, I went and got the permits. Permits and fees cost money. Why should I pay for them. Its part of the job, and the homeowner should pay, no?

I was being nice. just a legit question. Im my state anyway, whoever gets the permit is responsible if something goes wrong. The builder should get the building permit, Right ? if not,I would think he has no licence or insurance and certainly fly by night.

Our proposals are reasonably similar, looks like you have a very workable format.

As far as permits goes, it is a cost item. No different than shingles, nails, labor, etc… I’ve seen permits range from free to $400. In addition to the monetary cost, in many cases, someone has to invest at least some time and travel expense picking the permit up. I see no reason for giving away the permit fees unless you simply wish to offer it as a discount. I’d rather give away a square of shingles as those get delivered and I don’t have to fill out documentation and drive anywhere to pick them up.

We have become familiar with the municipalities, CIA’s, HOA’s and POA’s in our area. There are some that it’s much easier to let the property owner get the permit than for us to do it. These are normally the ones that require a deposit to be held until completion. We finished a job last week in Inland 1 which ended up costing us $500 for the Windstorm engineer and $75 for the municipal permit. The CIA approval and deposit, we left to the property owner. Every area we work in, is different. I assume it’s the same all across the nation. Our proposal has the same printed statement of fees are the property owners responsibility. If it’s a subdivision that a simple email or fax gets the approval, we do it without a second thought.
I would imagine that the statement might keep ones company out of trouble with a property owner that doesn’t get a permit and has you do the job. Don’t think it hasn’t happened. I’ve had a couple that told me they had their permit only to have the Rateye stop my job and tell me we didn’t have a permit.

In the ozarks only a few municipalities require permits,I generally pick them up since they only range from 15-45.oo.,when I contracted in florida in '05 the permit process was a HUGE pain in the a**,our proposals/conracts are very similar but I have them (customer)(upon signing) initial colors,price per ft and sheet,the down payment,and last but not least I have them initial that they acknowledge payment upon completion,that sounds silly but for some reason that is forgotten.,and I include a percentage penalty after 30 days,and also a penalty for contract withdrawl and it also states that due to possible material increases the proposal is void if not accepted after 14 days.lol

We don’t need permits in Richmond for a simple re-roof. If I’m doing work I need a permit for i get it myself, put the cost of that into my price. the homeowner does not like you to make chores for them. most people would rather pay you and wash their hands of it.

Well said.

I havent had a homeowner complain about going to get the permit. Around here, they are usually $25 for a 30-35sq job, which is our norm. And the building inspectors office is virtually only 15mins max from all of our jobs. In ohio, you do not need a license, but you have to have a permit on-site for roofing and siding.

In michigan if you get caught without your shut down and they patrol that stuff. My take is well you sold the job, you install the job you should be able to back it up with a permit and the cost is a number since you control the price of the roof. To me it does not go above board since people should be responsible for their work, when they dont pull a permit and do the work it is taking all liablities away from the contractor if it is mis installed.

To me its like following the building codes you just do it and from where i sit in my state its not followed anyway 75% of houses do not have the correct ventilation killing the warranty of the roof and well then their is the ice issue since we did not do an attic inspection. I could go on, my point is you really should pull the permit and make sure they pay for it add it to the cost of the roof its part of the game. I have to pull them all the time i spend atleast an hour a day there.

We have changed this a bit but this is what we use.


I don’t mind pulling the required permits. It can be a pain sometimes but that goes with the territory.

In my area you have to register with the state, and register with each individual cities (suburbs). Most of the cities require a million GL coverage to pull permits. The only exception is there is no permits required on mobile homes.

I try to make the job as painless as possible for the homeowner, since replacing the roof cost a small fortune nowadays.

Oh yeah, nice template

Removal from shingles and debris from premises including trucking and landfill fees.
Inspect decking, replace up to (3) sheets, additional sheets at rate of $xx.xx.
Install custom 8" drip edge all edges, color-------, GAF Weather Watch Leak Barrier eaves, valleys and along side walls and around any penetrations. Cover the remaining roof deck GAF/ELK Deck Armor (“Breathable”), GAF/ELK Pro-Start starter shingles all edges, GAF/ELK Timberline Prestique 30 year HD, GAF/ELK Snow Country Ridhe vent all ridges with Timbertex Hip & Ridge caps.

Materials, labor and clean up $xxxxxxx with payments as follows"

Owner Acceptance
Respectfully submitted


Notice the Branding? If one single product fails- no pointing of fingers by illusive Manufacturers.

I always start my scope with,
Permit to be pulled prior to start of work.

Also always include the exact brand of ice and water, felt, and shingles to be installed. If a thick ridge then note the brand and style.

Also note, labor warranty only.

We have a note on every proposal that states that all work is installed by professionals and that we do not hire subcontractors or undocumented workers