What drives your company?

Just drop a line or two let me know your thoughts and please take the poll. Thanks a bunch just doing a bit of research. Can only vote once and if you think about it there reall is only 4 stages of this question and you only get 1 to vote on. Please no guests due to the influx on well sad comments and uneducated resposes in the last month. Thanks. Hope all is well with all contractors and everyone is keeping busy!

I guess no postings thought maybe someone would post with there thoughts.

i tought you only wanted our vote, not replies. if you want my opinion ill say this:
i dont have my company just for a paycheck so thats outta the question.

profit dosent matter a lot if your customers are not happy and you wont get any more work :o , or referrals so whats the point of making $5000 in a residential comp job if its going to be the last one due to complaints…

quality is one of the main aspects of any company that wants to succeed…

however i consider the main thing to be happy customers," the customer is always right", if you do quality work but the customer is not happy due to you urinating on the side of the house or not keeping them posted of all or checking out their daughters in their swiming pool i dont think hell call you back!! :stuck_out_tongue:

so there many wont agree but here is your reply of how i think , good luck pride

I also think that a happy customer is best. The customer is your business, without them, you would be nothing. You could do a perfect job, but if the customer isn’t happy, you won’t be in business too long.

Should have made happy and qquality 1 maybe?

some contractors have said to me:

  1. “just finish the job we got a lot of repairs to do put some mastic we are not re-building the house for chicken !#@ price” and this is a contractor who has been around for 29 years and has lots o work.

  2. “you have to sell quality dont lower your price” this is anotherone with a long history but he is very proffesional and has a lot of work he was president of the bbb a few years back, last week they had to tear -off a roof because the sent newbies in a golden warranty from GAF job and re-do it (this contractor also has like 30 years doing business)

  3. “my goal is to be able to have enough referrals to the point of not needing advertising” this contractor close down due to some workmens comp claims supossely.

  4. “i already did too many freebies to this old lady and i am gettin pist-off its not my job to be touching up with pauint little scrapes on the fascia” this contractor i told him to do it and that it would pay off,and guess what it did all that extra care got him the old lady’s ex roof,then he goes “you were right it did paid off” this one in business for like 20 years

  5. i just started my buss last year , i do the best quality i possibly can, and i am starting to get more and more work slowly, mainly thru bbb and referrals. no complains and i got an album full of before and afters