What/How much should I charge? (Advertising, Marketing, Lead Gen...)

I’ve been working for a roofing company in the call center here in Atlanta Ga. I make 9$ per hour plus commissions. Recently I talked with a former employee who told me they used to pay 25$ per appointment plus commission no hourly. With me being a high performer (22-28) appointments per week, that structure would nearly double my earnings. So I’ve decided to start my own company selling appointments (guaranteed: HOMEOWNER is present, they have insurance, 9+ yr roof, not contracted w another company, exclusive to you, no denied claims, area of choice etc…) My question is how much should I charge and how. I’ve sold a couple of appointment’s to test the market at $39. I’m thinking that around $55 would be a good price. Other companies online charge $100 or more. The cheapest I saw was $65 which had to be purchased in a huge bundle with little guarantee. How much would you pay? I have also thought about doing a straight commission deal. Where I charge nothing for the appointment but get paid a % from any jobs booked. I like this because A. No one else is doing this. B. The Roofer never pays for any bad appts just on booked jobs. C. It shows that I know my appointments will sell and turn into paid work. (My biggest appointment at my company was a church re roof which net $100,000 the biggest job for the company to date.) It proves I’m not some SEO/Home advisor wannabe wanting to rip roofers off. So what % should I ask for if I do that(10%? more, less?). Which do you guys think is more wise for my company to go with? Pay per appointment or straight commission. Will I have problems getting paid the right commission amount or on time I.e would some roofers try to take advantage of free appointment s and not pay me on paid work( happens all the time with the sales guys at the company I’m working for)? Any additional insight and wisdom would be great?
-Mr. Providing the best value

A roofing company can afford any of those options. You really have to decide how much you want to make. The commission part isnt really applicable because its the estimator/salesperson who is actually determining the sale.

If you do the greatest job ever booking an appointment and a 10 year old child shows up to do the estimate, you and the company wont be getting the job.

I would charge at the higher end of the appointment because at the end of the day, LEADS are gold if you have good sales people but many people would find it insulting that an appointment/lead gen wants a portion of profit. I was approached by a company offering to do that, and it didn’t make sense to offer a partnership in my business simply because they got me an opportunity.

Everyone can provide an opportunity, to one degree or another, but its what you do with it that matters.

Once simplified down to that, well it really comes down to:

  1. How much do you want to make?
  2. How much does it cost you to generate a lead?

I would say try to double your money, if you are booking a 2200 appointments a week. $100 per estimate appointment is fair. A roofing company closing 1/3 can easily build a business around that model.


Thanks for the response. @Adam_Sand I think what you said about commission is probably accurate. I did however want to know what you meant when you said “if you are booking a 2200 appointments per week” Would please clarify.