What is better for longevity of shingles - dark or light

I am now wondering if I should go with a black tile or if I should go with a light grey coloured tile. I have heard that lighter coloured tiles last longer. What is your opinions.

Obviously lighter colors will reflect the sun more but then again I don’t think I have ever noticed a direct corrilation between shingle longevity and shingle color. I say pick the color you like best and buy a 40 or 50yr shingle if you’re truely worried about your roof life.

light colors in hot climates.
dark colors in cold climate.


Light colors whenever possible because even in a cold climate, you can still get heat monkeys & accellerated grit loss.

If you DO go light, be sure to add some kind of zinc strip to the ridge cap so they won’t stain & lose their energy efficiency properties (as well as lose grit & prematurely age).

Nothing looks crappier than a white 3T roof that’s 9 years old & looks like a 19 year old needing replacement.

Well according to the tests i have heard about and i may be wrong but the color difference is only worth 2 to 3 degrees in the attic. I could have sworn i heard that from Certainteed but it might have been one of those seminars i go to in april. Hey Ranch nothing is worse than a smear on a light color roof installed in the middle of summer.

GTP, imagine if 100 people in 100 towns made a change from a dark roof to one that was 2 degrees cooler on average. That’s an awful lot of electricity being saved which means a lot less coal being burned.

As for a bad streak from a bit of a bad installation, then maybe that shingle should be repaired.

Where possible, I like to suggest more energy efficient & low VOC / low to zero formaldehyde products.

…But that’s me. I don’t expect anyone else to do something they aren’t comfortable with.

I’m all for saving energy. I don’t want to contribute even 1/1,000,000’th of a percent to oil demands (I’ll be forced to anyhow, though). I’m switching over to diesel trucks and buying at least the 80/20 Bio-Diesel (as thats all I’ve seen available so far). These oil prices need to stop. We should outlaw asphalt shingles, in my opinion, and make metal mandatory. But who am I? Nobody. Still, this world is ridiculous right now.


I am switching away from my desiels. They keep switching formulas. This is causing problems with wearing out parts.

Thanks for that tid bit Lefty. I read somewhere that Bio-Diesel wears out rubber gaskets and stuff even more so than diesel too. Is it getting expensive?


Any down time is expensive.