What is everyone doing for marketing and software?

Hi there!

I’m having trouble marketing my business online, what is working for everyone else?

Also – I use QuickBooks for accounting, its awesome, but what should I use for invoicing and job tracking etc.? Im not the tech type :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

Hire a good website company/seo company. www.coverallsolutions.com

Let me know if you would be interested to talk… www.samedaypros.com

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If I understood the OP its about
"invoicing and job tracking "
I like quick books mobile. You can price it on the spot, get a signature and invoice all from 1 app.

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I would think you would consider Quickbooks for invoicing. Look at JobNimbus for a CRM to keep track of your Customers.

Be very careful about your choices in getting someone to assist with your SEO/Webpage development. Lots of big promise makers out there, very few will deliver. Don’t use anyone unless you can get a reliable reference from someone you know and trust.

Do you use JobNimbus? I’ve been looking at www.getjobber.com and I these guys http://trial.fieldpulse.com/roofing

I like how JobNimbus looks too, Jobber seems ok, FieldPulse looks very interesting.

No, I don’t. I developed a custom CRM for our use. I looked at a number of roofing/construction CRM’s this past year. Construction Cloud, Acculynx and JobNimbus. Those seem to be the leaders. I didn’t find any of them suitable to replace our custom solution. However, JobNimbus seemed to be a reasonably nice solution for a newer company or a company that has nothing now. JobNimbus has a 14 or 30 day free trial if I remember correctly. Give them a try.