What is the best ladder hoist (laddervatter)?

I’m about to get a ladder hoist from ABC ,any ideas on the best?electric or gas?tie down,RGC,safty hoist?

um use the truck they send to bring the shingles to you and off load them unless you like to do it the hard way. Just my 2 cents.

I got a SPAR-marathon gas one,we use it for steep pigs load what we need for day,lower pitches we just get supplier to load…

They come in handy for many other things…

I have a 18 year old one with a briggs and stratton gas engine. I use it for loading steep roofs. Only load whatever amount of shingles i need for that day.

well they ABC don’t do that anymore because they ran the lift into a roof and got sued here kinda funny cause some ABC survey and they asked do i get the shingles loaded on the roof and the Abc website shows them loading the roof but they tell me they cant

I wonder if each branch carries their own insurance. If not I wonder why ‘corporate’ would not allow one branch not to load…

I started roofing in Florida and ABC stocked the roofs. I moved to Chattanooga, TN and they did not. Now I am in St Louis and ABC does stock. Confusing.

As to the laddervator question, I have always used Reimann Gorger. They come in a number of duty ratings, just choose whats right for your operations.

You’ll wanna see how easy they are to set up. We had one where I used to work and it took so long to set up we rarely used it.

I remember one day someone didn’t have the motor and winch properly attached. Sent a load up and about halfway up things started to go backward. Load slammed down and the motor got yanked up and took a good swing at a picture window.

We quit using ABC awhile ago. Too many problems and they have too many customers to get orders right. However, we never had problems with them loading a roof for us. Must be a regional thing…?

The ABC in my area closed a couple of years ago.
They didn’t roofload either, they would rooftop deliver though.

My preferred supplier doesn’t roofload, they do offer rooftop delivery though.
I prefer it this way, I like to spread out my materials a certain way that varies from job to job,
The supplier can’t be expected to do things the way I want in my absence.

Wimsatt is in my area and the do roofload, they do a consistently good job at it also.
They won’t load a felted roof though, which makes their roofloading service pretty worthless to me…
I can’t say that I blame them, most of the time felt applied by others is not secured very well.

well abc is my only choice besides lowes,witch i think I’m about to go with them because lowes OC 67.50/sq. abc CT 75/Sq. as far as the problems with laddervatter i want an electric one for 2 reasons alot lighter and don’t have the brake problem like with a gas so it makes easier use for a 1 or 2 man operation plus no gas cost.to each his own though

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Ever blow a circuit breaker when the homeowners gone all day? Some houses you’ll be a long way from that lone outside outlet (if they have one at all). Hard on the electric motor to run off a long cord.

SES,exactly,nothing worse when your half way done and “POP” there goes the breaker…AAhhh!!H/O is gone for the day…

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Ever blow a circuit breaker when the homeowners gone all day? Some houses you’ll be a long way from that lone outside outlet (if they have one at all). Hard on the electric motor to run off a long cord

This is true something to think about. Thats why i posted this ,Thank you all

I will never use an electric air compressor for fear of blowing a fuse.

Ever blow a fuse connected to a deep freeze? I haven’t but know guys who have.

Out of curiosity what does a decent quality gas powered lader vator go for?

the solution for that is a generator, that should be standard equipment anyway.