What is the effect of improper lay patterns?

I recently had my roof reshingled by a GAF CERTIFIED contractor and explicitly chose this company because of this certification and desire for a quality job with an excellent warranty.

A few days ago on closer inspection of the lower sections of the roof visible through bedroom windows, I see that the roofers did not follow the standard procedure of staggering each row of shingles. Instead, I see randomly cut shingle ends (see sample photo) which to me show that they were trying to reduce shingle waste. In all areas visible to me from the bedroom windows, this irregular laying occurs…I assume the actual roof above is the same or worse.

I am pretty sure that if a warranty issue were to arise, GAF would blame the installer for not following shingling practice and the GAF warranty would be nullified.

Am I right on this?

I am willing to bet that if I call the roofer to complain, they will say the shingling pattern does not matter and there is no possibility of leakage because they covered the roof deck with GAF ice/water underlay.

What should I do here?

Looks like a regular 6" offset to me
Is ther joints I can’t make out?

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You aren’t seeing “randomly cut shingles”. Some of them come out of the package with the cut close to a tab.


I’ve circled the areas:

When I look at my neighbour’s shingles (he also did GAF shingles this year with a different roofer), I do not see these similar cut lines.

Everyone is correct.
He didnt install a one inch shingle in there.
That is the cut of the shingle out of the package.

It is correct.

The shingle cut you see is only a “beauty feature”
There is another layer under it.
The shingle has two thickness’s.
You are looking at its top thickness.


These shingles only require a min of 4" lap (which is too small IMO) and cut ends can be butt together.

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Doesn’t seem to be a problem here but I want to take this opportunity to ask homeowners and GCs; Do you really believe in the warranty GAF offers? When something seems too good to be true…?

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What you circled you could find on any laminate shingle roof that has ever been installed. As I said, many shingles come out of the package cut that way. Watch this gaf video and you’ll see many full shingles exactly the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIjZXkz6fK4

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