What is this part under my roof?

… and is it used for anything in particular?

Thanks in advance for any answers you have. :grin:image

Fyi, the image is upside down. I don’t know why.

I’m guessing you are talking about the waffle looking pieces between your roof trusses? If so, those are baffles used to get air from the eaves to the roof vent. They keep the insulation from blocking the eave vents.


DonL said it, i just want to comment about how nice your roof decking is.
That is nice.

But, but, but radiant barriers don’t work…hurr durr.

Thank you very much for answering that @donl! :slight_smile:

For reference, we had a twister come through back in October and we saw a leak appear in the dry wall right near that area. Turns out it wasn’t the roof at all, but the sideways rain/wind found a section of external wall where our stucco had been damaged/exposed.

Appreciate all the attention this post had, and for all the help as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!