What is this? Ridge cap with induvial ridge vent pieces

Anyone know what this product is?

Now isn’t that fancy! I think it’s made by Gucci or Armani. :wink:

It was Elks Ridgecrest. Its no longer made. It was a pain to mess with. Heavy and really just stupid.

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And it split/cracked when you transitioned from ridge to hip or valley.

I went with a similar ridge vent for my roof a few years ago. I’m the homeowner, not the roofer, so I don’t know the pros/cons on the roofer side of things.
Mine was a Certainteed setup, so it also used Certainteed version of the ridge vent, which is a little different design than the one in the OP pics.

A couple pics below of my before/after.
I wanted the ridge vents so I could get rid of the big box vents - had a couple of those on the back side, and also a powered vent above the garage. The big box vents were noisy when windy. I actually kind of miss that noise now - it let me know when it was windy, and I like windy days :slight_smile:

The bigger reason to get rid of them for me was probably cosmetic. At some point I want to get solar, and I don’t like when the solar has to go around vents. So by going with the ridge vents, I now have some nice space on the back of the house, and also on the south-facing side of the garage roof without the power vent.
So I’ve got two nice big open spots to put the solar without having to work around the vents for the panels.

The roof was done in about May 2017, and so far no problems that I’m aware of with them. But I’m also not up there checking them out on a regular basis to look for problems.

I’m not sure what the price difference was with them - I didn’t get a line item quote with them and without. But I don’t think it bumped up the price too terribly much.

Gthomson., that does look nice.
You improved the look of the home.