What is this?

I’m not a cold weather roofer (not in the slightest) & maybe some of you Yankees can help me out… :wink:

Maybe even a Canuck or two might know.

Is this some sort of ice damming system or maybe it’s steep slope roof jacking for a structure that’s going to be worked on (or is in process maybe for roofing, prev. maint. or maybe painting?).

Help me out here.

PS: This is in Junea, Alaska.

Looks like brackets and planks to me. Seems they are working on the roof.


are they not snow boards

no…they are roof jacks

The best seats going for Sunday morning service…Great view in the background,nice photo…I would say brackets and planks also…Thought it might be some snow fencing at first.

Agreed…nothing on the right side bottom to indicate a ice dam system, snow holder?

Best seat in Church on Sunday Morning I agree!!

Sunsets might be nice too but Ill be damn if Im staying up there after dark…

Someone left their Roof Jacks and Plank Boards in place.
DONT TRUST THEM. You dont know how long they have been there!!

I hate controlled jumps but I dont think you can control that one to well~~~


I know what this is :

It’s a Picture !!!