What is wrong with this roof? Answer

You guy’s are good.
If I didn’t have this picture I would have thought that the first roof board had sucked in too much water because of the low slope and then rotted away.


Don’t that just warm your heart? :smiley:

sweet. i love being right. and slater too, but i think we’re both bostonians

looks like an east boston roof, dont it slater?

looks like they used some insulation to cover the gutter.
maybe you can use that old gutter again.

well good luck.


look. they set the first row into the gutter just as I said with tar. I knew it. see the tar on the bottom of the first row and on the top of the drip edge? I swear to you ive never seen such an application. it was the only thing that made sense based on the photogragh. dont i deserve your ventilation answer dennis? from the gazebo last week?

It almost looks like someone put a rubber roof over cover board before the shingles went on. :?

S&G I cleared that up in your gweedo thread. :smiley:

Cheaters, we dont have gutters like that here in Indiana

i also thought that was only a boston thing that i saw on this old house…until this year ive seen 5 of them on my jobs. but i am in NY so the term “YANKEE GUTTER” would still include my area i guess.

Actually Severance and Gallant-I’m from the great State of Maine

Maybe a yankee builder that went west.

they only do work like this on rentals here in boston, aside from your occassional clueless moron that only hears a price… I wouldn’t put my name on this if the homeowner requested it and knew it was a hack job. I don’t do rentals pretty much.