What is wrong with this roof?

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Your first diagnosis???


My guess is that the water is coming back in between the shingles and the gutter apron. the wood is rotten consistenly all the way across.

Just looked at the pic again, low pitch and water is wicking back between the gutter apron and the shingles

poor ventilation leading to ice build up with no drip edge over years rotting away leading edge …(just took a quick glance)

It looks like they just shingled over a wooden built in gutter without adding any blocking-then hung an alum. one out bryond thet.

seeing that dr roof is in canada this is rotted wood due to severe ice backup which means someone will profit nicely from the repair

I dont know the answer, but this roof was installed like this. You can tell because A. the asphalt doesnt appear to be cracked very badly like what damage like this would typically cause, more adequately, there would be a hole, and B. there is no way that if the decking settled/rotted/whatever, the roofing would be as even as it is on the front edge. The area furthest in the picture would fall far short of the edge and it didn’t. My guess is that some knucklehead thought it was just fine to go over whatever the hell is under there… the wood gutter sounds right, but I’d say that in addition, they moulded the roofing to fit into the gutter, it never settled into the groove. Gypsy work at its finest.

after another glance, i noticed something else that supports slaters wood gutter theory… look at the angle of the aluminum gutter…

im from florida.
dont have old inset wood gutters, but that would explain the tight narrow rott line.
what im puzzled about is marshall talkin about a ice rott and does the backed up ice rott , rott the wood differently than just warm water runnin on it all the time.
because were im at if its rotted that deep at the edge then its saggin 2 ft up the roof as well.

i know one thing bout that picture.
it aint rite.


Second gutter put up to original gutter, shingle was to bridge the two with no brainer results - Might have happened just prior to the sale of the property??
Seems too uniform to be any kind of rot though.

If it was a 1x6 decking the rot would stop at the first 6"

First, it is ugly.
Second, the installers were worthless.

im of the belief that the first course was actually tarred down and moulded into place. thats my story and im sticking to it. If there was a void in the shingle and it was in that condition, i believe the whole bottom edge would be a hole. It would have settled into the void and cracked mega. this didnt do that…

upon further review i agree with the “YANKEE GUTTER” theory.

so, Dennis, now that I’ve apparently proved my worthiness here with the yankee gutter theory, can you tell me what I was missing last week with the gazebo ventilation? I contribute my knowledge here too brother.

The gazebo is an unheated area nor does it have soffits. Therefore it does not need any vents.

thx gtp. a week late and a benjamin short :smiley: I said that from the jump though and you guys kept going with it. So I thought I was missing something.

Didnt some explain to you guys that those are updraft releif vents so that the roof doesnt explode off the top?

And you call yourselves roofers. SHEESH.