What is wrong with this roof?

Hi All,
I just had my roof done. It doesn’t look good to me.
I have some pictures and comments at:

here is a close up:
i826.photobucket.com/albums/zz18 … orrect.jpg

Can someone comment if there is a problem?

Also, on the roof deck, there is no plywood under the shingles! When I saw the old roof removed, I saw strips of maybe 1x3?(not sure) wood planks horizontally positioned, with some gap between them. Is this ok?


When was this roof done? Which region are you located in?

In Massachusetts.
It was done in the winter (just done).
It was very cold out, freezing or lower.

first of all ridges look ok…highprofile stile so u will see gaps in between…the shingle will not flat till a good 2more months go by…too cold for them to be flat…or tell the roofer to use some calk under th shingles but if it was me roofer iwill charge for that…

Your neighbors roof has a different style of ridge vent. They used the cheap stuff on yours. Have them replace it with a plastic low profile ridge vent it will look a better.

Well, running the ridgevent all the way to the end is purely cosmetic. Also, the last right cap shingle needs to be turned the other way for it to be nailed properly without having a leak. They most likely put a few more going the other way and then put the ridge vent over that and then put the cap on. It is even on both sides of the ridge so they obviously paid attention to it.

Not sure what you mean that the shingles arent overlapping enough. The ridge cap shingles really only need to cover the top row of shingles so that the nails are covered. There have been times when it came out just a little short for me so it had to look like that. If you mean the ridge cap shingles do not look like they are covering enough, those are installed right.

Give the shingles more time to lay down. There is nothing wrong structually with the roof or cosmetically besides the shingles not having laid down. A different ridgevent may make a difference but I know I would charge you for it.

I think you have nothing to worry about.

The caps will look better with time. That rake edge will always look crappy

Maybe the ridge shingles cover the top row ok, but the ridge shingles don’t seem to cover themselves enough.
I think they should overlap each other more.
And the end ridge shingle on the left going the other way, with nothing under it, doesn’t make sense to me.

Between the ridge cap looking like it was nailed on with a nailgun and the edge that looks like an angry beaver cut it makes me believe that the roof was done by hacks.

Damm if this is the only section that you have a pic of I would hate to see what the rest of the roof looks like.

If you cant cut your edges straight or have enough pride to make sure your ridge is uniform all the way across your not a professional roofer. I would guess last year they worked in finance or in a factory.

Was your “roofer” the lowest bid?

you can see additional images at:

yeah, lowest :frowning:
And there’s no plywood under the deck shingles.

lol. guess I am hack because I use a nail gun for my ridge cap. Those caps are supposed to be installed that way with the darker area showing for appearance. Nothing is under that cap so that water cannot find a way to get in. I always have the ridgevent cover the entire ridgeline but I install cap under it by 2 feet in both directions to help wind drivin rain.

The drip edge is poorly done. Not having plywood makes it pretty hard to nail on the nail line through the entire job so I will have to assume that some shingles were not properly nailed.

Going with the lowest bidder usually means a homeowner ends up with more problems. There is a reason they were the cheapest. Not to offend you, but you always get what you pay for no matter what it is. Your issues may be much more serious and worth looking deeper into.









What type of roof did they tear off?
How many layers?

With the exception of Bam I think you are all being way too critical. The roof is not perfect, but it is perfectly acceptable. The rake cut is a little rough. And as far as if you “think” the caps should be overlapped more, that doesn’t really matter. If you know the manufacturer and type of cap, check the installation instructions and then check the reveal on their work. And yes a 1/4" variance is ok.

If the shingles are Certainteed (which I think they are by looking at the ridge cap). Your warranty is void because the roof is not properly ventilated. Looks like Cobra vent and only Single Vent II by Air Vent is accepted as ‘adequate venting’ per Certainteed’s warranty. Work is sloppy, but par for the course (by the low ballers) here in good 'ol MA. P.S. Free health care, housing and education - plus drivers licenses for legal and illegal immigrants - Thanks Deval!

Ok starting with picture one

  1. The wavy I can understand because of the cold install and their is a good chance that will all be remedied once some warmer weather hits. But what wont get fixed in warmer weather and gable that looks like it was cut with their eyes closed.

The ridge does look terrible but that will hopefully settle, as far as the vent going right to the end ive had people who want it going right to the end because they like the cleaner look, but some people like the ridge vent to be noticeable as they say it gives the roof some substance. They certainteed brochures show them featured both ways.

The decking issue, while most of us on here would of recommended re sheeting the home even just over top of the planked deck, that is one of the reasons this guy was the cheapest. With the spaces between the deck your roofer would of likely had to nail higher up on some shingles to avoid hitting the spaces, this will cause the roof to be more prone to blow offs. But ive had homeowners who didnt want to pay for decking and I had to nail high and have had no issues with that ever.

This is not correct. Here’s how the MSA reads


-if full soffit to ridge ventilation is installed, the ratio of net free ventilation area to attic floor space must be atleast 1/300

-in most other cases the ration required is 1/150

-If the 1/150 cannot be obtained the shingle roof warranty for any Certainteed asphalt composition shingle will be reduced to a maximum of 10 years without SureStart protection, with respect to shingle problems related to the absence of adequate ventilation.

They go on to say that Air Vent is a very good ridge vent and that external baffles make better vents. I can’t find anything to void the warranty. Am I missing something?

They go on to say that

The tearoff was single layer of standard “home depot” shingles.
The new shingles are Timberline.

b.t.w. the last 2 pictures (with blue-ish shingles) that were posted by Axiom (thanks) are of my neighbors house.
If my roof were done like that then I have no concern.

To me, my ridge looks like a first time amateur did it.

My final concerns are

  1. with the ridge shingles barely overlapping the next ridge shingle, doesn’t that mean the nails are at the very end of the shingles? How can that be secure? These shingles have a fake shadow band to look more “deep” and artistic. But on the ridge (with horizontal shingles), the fake shadow should be covered.

  2. Even if the roof shingles settle, there is a place where no vent gap shows at all (4th pic). Why cant it be like my neighbors vent (last 2 pics)

  3. The reverse pointing shingle on the top left (1st pic) has got to go. It is like a fake full length ridge vent. Wont the wind blow it off.

Thanks all. This site is great.
Any suggestion how to fix the vent? The roofer says he will repair it. Maybe a different kind of vent? This one looks like black fibers.

Those caps sure look allot like C.T. shadow ridge with the 45degree cut…and I also gun the ridge caps(but they never looked like that)…and I stop the vent at end of attic,not end of ridge. :roll: