What kind of roof is this

I assume you are asking about the white one? It either tpo or PVC, but I’m leaning towards too as PVC isn’t common for residential roofs (in my area at least).

Need closer up pics
Especially around that bottem.
Whatever it is, looked like it was covered in aluminum roof coating and then later coated with white elastomeric coating

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The left bottom i mean.
And not just the same picture zoomed and cropped, please.
This pic is still too far away and we cant determine its type and we can zoom in too.
We want to help.

It could be a EPDM roofing system with a coating on top. It could be that. Look at the pipes. looks like a coating on them and some runs on the drip edge. But you need someone to inspect that system.

Thank you. Im having a roofer check it tomorrow.

I think its an EPDM roofing