What’s California like

Planning on moving to California from Kansas but still gonna be roofing, has anyone done before? How was your transistion?

Well i roof here now but moved to the Dallas office for awhile, but back in CA for the time being. I plan to move to a more affordable state.

Rent - ridiculously high
Freeways - Ridiculously busy - not so much now with covid though
Gas price - probably some of the highest in the nation
Beaches - Nice - if your in So Cal
Weather - nice year round for the most part
Summers - Hot pretty much all over but really hot depending on where your going just for a few months though.
Work - Plenty of it, we turn stuff down regularly
Drivers - pretty rude but given the traffic understandable

Where your coming from and where in CA your going will really dictate what to expect as far as transition. Big market like LA or some small town in BFE?

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Dannyboy moving from Kansas to California wondering what it’s like? Ouch! Sounds like the start of a bad movie or someone trolling maybe?

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Are you considering starting your own business? What area are you considering?

as a c-27 licensed contractor, be prepared for high priced, arrogant labor to drive you, not you drive it. labor is high priced, scarce, and demanding. standards must be lower and easier than kansas. toto is here tho.