What should a Salesman get paid?

I’m a rookie in need for help in the hiring of a salesman.For the past year I have been doing my own sales for my company,but I wanna be able to hire a salesman,(Florida). I have heard too many stories on the type of pay. What would be a great pay for someone that has experience in the field? Should it be straight commision at a rate of 10% of the selling job and you supply transportation, or you give them a salary and commision because they wanna use their vehicle, and what would anyone recommend for pay?I would appreciate any input in this matter.


Well, there are many ways to pay a salesman. His closing ratio is what he is worth tho. Not at a low price either. Where i work i use my vehicle but have a base + commission. How it works is i have a flat salary that rides off my commission. With that i have a deal worked out if im over what he wants for a job we split the difference. Plus i have a gas card that i use. Also i have health insurance with 401k. A phone also. That is important. WHen hiring make sure you contact his or her old employer to confirm the closing ratio and at what price average they were at. Hiring a guy that closes 40% of his jobs at 170 a square will not do you any favors. Hiring a guy at 35% with a 240 per square closing ratio will get you more money with less liability.

Thanks for the input,but I’m still kind of clueless so I e-mailed you.