What technique for trimming off the excess shingles?

I am nearing completion of my shed. The excess shingles need to be trimmed off. My exacto knife was doing a poor job, mostly tearing. What tool or techniqie is best ?


You can use an razor knife in the warmer weather but you’ll need a hook style blade in it. You can also use a pair of old tin snips/metal shears to cut the shingles like scissors. Works best in the cooler weather.

try a sawzall!!!

What Tar said; hook blade. If you can cut from the back side, you blades will last longer (requires you to flip the shingle & get the exact location of your cut).


Snips will work the best for someone with out the skills to use a hook blade, thats how i learned many moons ago. Gosh i can remember the crooked cuts i made. Ah well im retired from shingling anyway. Altho i did my brother in laws shed this year. Hand nailing it too. Wow am i out of shape.


i like that gtp,
i grabb the snips sometimes,
and cut a shingle or two, when i cant find my knife.

would be easier for a one timer.

like it indeed.


Dangit you uncover my secret !!!

I rather use a weedwacker this way you dont need to set up an extension cord … duhhhh!!! :mrgreen:

Sheffield made in UK hook blades are the best. buy them in bulk. snips work good on the heavy weights.

Chalk line & a good hook blade

I agree the English blades work best.

Tried a few other style blades over the years and none seem as good as the ones made in England.

I pay from $40-45 for a box.

I like a 1 1/4" hang over so i measure 12" off the side for most common architech or a 1" hangover for 3 tab so i measure 11" off side for most common ones. It’s best to cut off the extra as you go so it doesn’t create a saggy hang over. Run like 3 shingles up and then turn a shingle side ways on the turn around and cut it straight using a hook blade. Or just cut it down the turn around as you go. I like to turn my shingle upside down, mark the edge cut, then place. BUt you can’t go wrong if you pop a line down your turn around and cut it. The more you use a hook blade the better you get. When I first started it looked like I cut them with my teeth. Now my edges look SWEET!

The only time I’d even consider 1¼" overhang is if I have DL drip edge & that measurement starts @ the edge of the fascia / wooden drip edge, not the edge of the metal.

Seems excessive to me & prone to some drooping.

Use a hook blade, they are designed for asphalt shingles.
I can’t imagine using anything else…

I usually run a starter strip up the rakes, which gives me a nice edge to follow with my hook.

Use a chalk line and just take your time with the hook blade…

This suggestion seems to have been treated as a joke. I tried it witha nmwetal cutting blade and it works fine. Of course I am not a roofer–but hard to inagine anything that would produce a better result. Of course, you should still use a chalk line or other guide to get that even 1/4 inch or whtever figure you are using. I didn’t but still got a fairly straight result.

In cold weather you can warm the shingles with a hand held torch. Just be careful Of what your doing. This worked for me and they cut like butter and look nice. Just not to hot.

I also have lined up the top edge of a left over shingle with the edge giving me a straight edge to follow. Works good in valleys too.With a new hook blade.

We run starters up rakes and follow that,cut before nailin…

chalk line then tin snips, no one can use hook blade knife and get it as straight…they lying :mrgreen:

Thats why we run starters up,from the ground always looks straight…