What to charge/ bid for labor on 45 sq. EPDM

Whats a good competitive price to bid on a 45 sq. building installing EPDM ( mechanically fastened) and 3" ISO underneath?

I am getting the materials for about 8,000.00

What is a good price to charge for labor or price per. square?

How much is your labor? What are your payroll burdens?
How much Overhead do you have?
How much profit do you desire?

Or do you just want some “work”?

Around here, market price for a job like that would be about 450-500 square. But as gus said, sometimes market price isn’t your price.

430-800$$$$ most res.roofs depence of layers tear off and the complexity of garbage.Need a chut install?Need replace tile caping? brick layer?Front?Back side(gutters,gravelstps? no difference epdm,tpo,ib,pvc.You can charge that you deserve.

Just curious about the mechanically fastened installation? Could you expound on that.

I charge per lebor 80-120/sq iso, fasteners, seam tape,all . Anyway need team, some rolls 10feet long.i use wood aroun rake,exemple 2x4 good fo 1.1/2 iso.work good for sheet-metel edge flashing. EPDM installation go fast, but all details spend time.

What ever you charge for it, I can do it for $100 less.

Who knows,Maybe in VA glue dries faster? anyway for my projects i prefer TPO.

I don’t know, but it sure does smell good!