What to charge on 4story roof7/12

any of you have an idea on what to charge or is it ok to charge $10 to $20 per floor…this is a hotel Marriot in oklahoma city…am use to doing just shingle stories and 2 but first job on this level…

How much would it cost for you buy a harness for everyone on the crew?

What on earth are you talking about?

Considering you have been asking many questions on what to charge and how to do things, I wonder what sort of contractor you are.

If you’re used to doing single stories, you might check your GL and make sure you are covered above 3 stories. I know mine does not cover anything above 3 that is commercial.

hey thats a good point…GL is only for 2story roofs. well i will join forces with a friend, for sure i will get this roof…

good lead though, the marriot. grab the work well its there or someone will.

I haven’t done commercial work for quite some time, but when I did apartments, the only problem was getting paid. That 45 day pay usually turned into a check for half, then the rest at 60 days. I couldn’t trust any of them.

well before we actually let him sign we will see what will be his terms on paying…i understand they have fallow their steps. our contract says we collect have on front and rest when we finish.