What to do after the storm is over

My town had a major hailstorm in 2003 and then another in 2006.

These storms literally hit just about every house in my town.

I feel like about 10 years worth of business was basically “soaked up” by these two storms. I mean everywhere you go, you see NEW roofs. It seems like there is a natural cycle each year of roofs that simply need to be replaced because of age… but now thousands of people got a free roof from mother nature and their insurance company.

Don’t get me wrong, our company did VERY well as a result, but now things are SLOOOOOOOW. I know that the construction industry as a whole is slow right now, but have any of you others ever felt that black hole that is created by a local storm???

We also do siding, windows, gutters, etc…and recently we have been bidding other general jobs to try and stay busy. It is a constant day to day struggle to keep all my men working.

Anyone have any thoughts, suggestions??

I work alone…It is easy to stay busy, or enjoy time between jobs this way, noone bleeding the bank acct. between hot spots,lol…It is slow here too! Not too many people spending money…