What to do if anything

Thought I would get some feedback from pros. I am building a new house. I am using a general contractor to over see the build. I ordered a 3-D slate grey roof (asphalt) The roofers he got for the job put slate blend on the house becouse they could not get a slate grey. This made for a huge problem with the wife… Anyway after talking to my contractor he said no problem he can get it changed. (The problem with the slate blend is it looked green)

I went out this morning and he had allready re-shingled the roof??? In only about 3 hours.???

He used an oxford grey. ( which I think has alot of green blend to it but not as much as the slate blend) We wanted a shingle with a black and grey blend in it…anyway

I’m allready mad becouse no one has asked me to look at samples they have for shigles.

I got to looking at the roof and it is crazy how bumpy and wavy it is. I think he just had them shingle over the shingles he had put up last week.

Its hard to see from the ground. The house is 2 full story. 10ft 1st floor and 9ft 2nd floor. So the roof starts at about 20 1/2 ft up from gound level.

My question is.

  1. Is this going to hurt anything by putting new shingles over new shingles.

  2. Do any of you guys think I should make him scrap off all of the shingles he had put up on the roof and redo it?

  3. If yes, do you think I need to make him put new sheeting on becouse he has allready put enough nails in this thing to roof it twice?

I live around Nashville, TN to give you an idea of my climate.

I think he shouldnt have put the wrong color on twice. I would have him tear it off to the decking and do it in the right color and mfg you chose and are paying for. We NEVER go over any architectural shingle…it is going to give you a nastly looking roof every time. Any roofer knows this.

Make them tear it off for sure. If you don’t have it torn off you will be seeing a hefty bill next time you need a roof becaue 3 layers is the maximum allowed by law (In Missouri laws vary from state to state) this bill should not be yours it should be the roofers whom you are currently dealing with. Good luck to you and next time call someone else.

Tear it off you can not go over dims. Also the roof will only last about half the time due to the second layer.

Thank you for the feedback. I am going to contact the Contractor tomarrow and tell him. I will give you an update on what happens.

Agian thank you for the response. I will let you know how it goies…


Oh your right Pride I forgot all about the second layer not lasting as long good lookin out .

Like they said. remove them.

Thank you for all the feedback. The general contractor said no problem he will replace them. Now the only problem is its the end of Dec. and it hasn’t been done yet. Well to be honest the whole house isn’t done yet. Short story…House was started in Feb of 2005 and isn’t done yet. Looking at firing a general contrator after holidays… Thank you for all of the feedback…