What to pay a sub..on a Grand manor shingle

got a 140square roof and i sold them a grand manor shingle… roofers say that price is different for normal 30 years…what are you paying your guys for this shingle installation…


There are guys around here who will do it for 80, but I like 100

It depends on a few factors pitch, cut up. temp, and landscaping. i would have billed it out at 120+ for labor.

roof is 8/12 has four valleys and two fire plase…am doing the roof per insurance proceed about 420 a square…the owner of this poperty is a realtor and i really want to have this guy in my list of cuctumers…so you think $420 a square and the pay the subcontractor about $80 a square will be ok…am in oklahoma City…


$80-100/sq is common for this area on GM 8/12.

thats a nice paying $70k(ish) roof. where is that? Edmond or Yukon?

hey Jeson…yeah the house is in Edmond…hey i also got a lead on the Merriot and i order the eagle view to get the messuarements, hope i get it 3story roof about 250 squares

Nice! good luck with that one tho… hotels dont ever seem to pay jack squat.