What to put in drawing plan for roof

I’m doing a simple shed. it’s very simple, it’s a 4-column, sloped one side, about 10’ high, everything is made of steel.
I’m don’t do much designing structures with roof, although it’s not really rocket science.
I’m more concerned with what need to show in the drawing, not the capacity.

  1. Is R panel 24 Ga enough? Or do I need to specify the manufacturer? I was told different manufacturer have different R panel 24 Ga, therefore different capacity? The problem is I don’t know who will the contractor will use to buy the roof from.

  2. Do I need to show in my drawing the fastener to purlin location? I looked at different manufacturer and they all have same fastener location.

  3. How common/uncommon to use C8 channel (hot rolled) as opposed to C (cold formed) for purlin? I prefer to use C8 hot rolled as I’m more familiar working with hot rolled steel.

  4. Will #12-14x1" fastener have issues if purlin is C8 hot rolled?

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It doesnt get any better than 24g.
Are you serious?
Dont know the answer to the purlins
I havent installed non wood purlins before.
I would love to hear some opinions about that.