What type of "felt" to use

We have curling shingles (lots all over) and there is quite a bit of “grit” from the roof in our gutters. We called roofers for estimates and are wondering just how to compare these apples and oranges!
One guy wants to use 30# felt and another says some new fiberglass paper is the “best”. The guy with the fiberglass actually wants more but I can’t seem to find anything on the internet that tells me definately one is better or worse than the other.
Our house is ranch style and we have been told it’s a “large” roof so we have “sticker shock” over the price tag on this -5 figures!

Ask him what makes it better. If his responses are in favor of his application of the roofing (like less slippery) then I would say use 30#. I do not see the roofing advantage of the new underlayments on the consumer side.

Well said Aaron, I concur. This new stuff that is like the tyvek can jack the price a lot for no benefit that I’ve seen.


The fiberglass is making the underlayment more durable.

It is working in the shingles. Which are directly exposed to the sun.

So it has to make the underlayment more durable. Which is not directly exposed to the sun.

I really like the Certainteed Roofers Select 15# felt. IMO, it’s better than any 30# I’ve seen. Tried the Tyvak style felt and though it was too much and don’t like having flat blades in my knife.

hello sandee,

good topic.
the new polyester/fiberglass/plastic underlayments do not rip off along with the shingles in high winds
it simply does not rip away from the cap nails like the old organic felts ( 15/ 30 lb).
just nail some up to a peace of wood and try to tear it off.
its a no brainer.
they make a product called titanium (search internet), that ive used,
you stick to it like velcro, its white in color ( 100 degree cooler for roofer),
and hear in florida jobs go sometimes for weeks and months before gettin shingled so it holds up better in that time.

do i still use 15 and 30 lb felt paper? yes
do i use to save money only? yes.

good luck.


I use the roofer’s select 15# by Certainteed also it is a wonderful product I totally agree.

Once again, what are the bennies of it on the consumer side?

As far as ripping and tearing, you can tear steel if you have enough force. Nail the felt right and you dont have to worry.

Still not enough benefit, in my mind, to charge more for it.