What's a homeowner to do?

Concrete tile set in Polyfoam (large paddy).

2nd story roof looks great…Nice lines!
1st floor…excuse me buts looks like the crew was drunk…lines crooked & staggered all over the place.
I have only Final of 3 payment left due “After Tile”.
What can a homeowner do…Any recourse here?


Call the tile manufacturers rep and have him visit the job. The manufacturer will check the offset and will let you know if it passes their application specification.

Thanks, Good news…Roofer agreed to have tile setters fix, which he said most likely would mean they’d have to take out every other row. Crossing fingers!

Two poor guys from that crew were left out there yesterday and tore off every row but the first row on that portion of the new roof. Ordered them a pizza for lunch and brought out some ice cold Gatorade as the heat index is about 95 and the sun is blazing.