Whats going on

Is it just in the area where I live or is it slow every where,seems like a guy can,t even give a Roof away.

fine here

I could give it away if I wanted but why when I can charge and make $$ !!!

No it awsome in my area. Reroofs and new roofs. Give me a call if you need some work and willing to move.

We are slower then we would like but still have steady work coming in here in N. VAhttp://www.roofing.com/images/topics/5382/img_1186504735.jpg

very slow in s.w. florida, only booked out one to two weeks

More work than any time in the past 10 years. Used to do new roofs mainly now mainly doing insurance roofs.

My little brother is also swamped, he’s booked until the rest of the year.

Been trying to keep up with insurance work for friends and family then homes that are either for sale or are going on the market soon.

It feels great to turn down work, especially when bidding against the roofing pimps with the immigrants.

BTW, between my brother and I we spend about $1,200 a year each in advertising costs.

Looking forward to going out of next week, it will be a nice break.

…It’s just you.

“marshall exteriors” if you are really ok with jobs, maybe you need some help?

what do you mean?