What's in your tool box?

If limited to just one regular tool box for all occasions-
which tools would you keep in it?

nail pouch
20 oz straight claw hammer
roofing hatchet
hook knive
straight knife
bull snips
right snips [reds]
left snips [greens]
30’ tape measure
chalk line
hammer tacker
folding pliers
flat bar [pry bar]
nail gouge [nail puller]
circ saw
100’ extension cord
i think this probably the minimum that i could get away with ,and thats not getting into specialty metal tools or air tools and accessories

im w/ vic, but throw in your single ply tools & sheetmetal tools also.

i would just buy a bigger tool box and keep every thing in it b/c the one tool i need would be the one that i left at home

So true :!:

just get some cheap tool boxes & have a singleply one,a shingle one, & a bur one.if you do metal have a metal one too.just keep em in your truck box.