What's that, you say? Climb a 3 story roof?

yes , that right . No problem, all you need is a 60 footer and a handy man to sit at the base feet. lol

wish my guys moved that fast

Thats just crazy. Throw a bundlke or 2 on there shoulders and lets see how fast they move.

ill remove the 40 footer from my truck.set it up in the bed.then climb it all by my self.no helpers needed to be a waste of payroll to “hold” the ladder.yes it will be tied off!!!

if your scared jump in my pocket.

Be funny as hell to spray those ladder rungs with PAM before hand, lol.

Last time i saw a roofer move so fast was when it was a very warm day and after drinking a ton of water he decided to have grapes for lunch … hehe

The dude didnt even needed a ladder :mrgreen: