Whats the best option for ventilating a 4/12 pitch roof

I am trying to get some feedback regarding which type of ventilation would be best to use on my 4/12 pitch roof. The ventilation option would have to be best fit for the Midwest climate. Please help!

This is my personal favorite roof vent gaf.com/Roofing/Residential/ … ow_Country However if your roof is really cut up (which I doubt cause you said its a 4/12) box vents are better when your house lacks a sufficient ridge line.

thanks for the tip, do you have any other tips? I plan on tearing off my roof and re-shingle it.

Jim, ridgevent is the best but it wont work without soffet vent as well. When you vent your soffet be sure the eaves are free of insulation. The attic floor should be insulated, not the roof in between the rafters. If it is insulated between the rafters you’ll have to install proper vent.

Hey Jim I agree with Island Roofing. I would just say that the other key besides a good ridge line would be proper soffit venting, approximately 8 foot apart as this creates a good air flow.
I believe Bob S stated it perfectly.