Whats the big idea?

Who changed your site ?? why did you change it its not an improvement !! It was much better before . now i cant look up jobs that were there yesterday and the layout is crappy compared to before . if its a new site design go back to the old i am dissatisfied with the lowering of this sites quality and service . I love this site so lets keep it going strong !!


Your right ! perhaps you should start a roofing website right away to your liking free of charge of course to all else. please show us the link when its ready so we can critique.


Embrace the future…

My only concern is for the having to scroll L & R in ‘large’ photos when they are posted (the image is narrower & you have to scroll a pic just between the body of the posting (in a smaller window) vs. making the entire page move L & R.

If you have particular areas or ideas where you prefer they keep the same or change back, this is a better way of getting your site issues addressed; I doubt they’ll make a wholesale change back to the old side if it’s avoidable.