What's the difference?

What’s the difference between Landmark premium, Landmark special, and Landmark TL? Also, how much difference would there be in price and would it be worth it?

landmark premium=55 per sq,lifetime warranty,10yr surestart&algae protection 15 in hawaii ,90 mph wind warranty landmark tl ultimate=120 per sq.10 yr surestart warranty,15 yr algae protection landmark special=55 per sq,lifetime warranty,90 mph wind warranty,5 yr surestart warranty,10 yr algae protection—has special fiberglass matt w/ special scrim reinforcement for class 4 impact resistance rating–also can be grounds for insurance discounts(i believe for hail areas) GOOD LUCK-hope it`s helpful

So the premium and special are around $55 per square and TL price would be more than double at around $120 per square. Are there any distinct advantages between the Landmark premium and special other than the IR rating?

Also, would the heather blend or weathered wood be less likely to streak?


The streaking you talk of is an algea growing and eating the shingles.