What's up with my roof - 1 inch wide gap running end to end on the eaves

So today i was cleaning out all the pine needles from my gutters and decided to lift up the front part of the shingles (2 layers) and noticed that there’s like a 1 inch gap in the wood roof deck end to end of the eaves. The gap is between the fascia and the roof deck. Not sure if they ran out of wood or what. The shingles are covering the gap so i don’t think water is coming in. I haven’t had a chance to check the backside of the house to see if it’s the same way.

I’m planning to get a new roof in the next few weeks so it’s not a major concern besides having to pay for plywood to possibly redo the roof deck.

Any ideas why there’s this long 1 inch gap? The roof has 2 layers, and the second layer was put on in 2003 per the seller, so the first layer was probably done in the early 90s.

Roof has no ridge vents, just gable vent and a power fan that’s not working. we moved into the house about 2 months ago.

When the house was built they should have used a bigger fascia board. If it bothers you a small strip can be added but if it was my house i wouldn’t worry about it. You went the lifetime if two roofs without an issue. I would however use the wider drip edge and that will cover the gap.

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Sadly, rather common. Not something for you to worry about though.

Dont install any new decking (unless its rotted, etc). Just make sure to install 4" x 2" drip edge on all eaves regardless of if theres a gap on back side. The 4" drip will more than cover that gap. Tear off both layers AND the old felt. Good luck.