What's wrong here?

Here is the latest message to my roofer:

Thank you for having you’re crew come back and complete the areas of
concern.  However, one of the vent pipes is still leaking.  I thought a full vent cover was standard and would prevent any possible leaks when
doing a new roof. What would you suggest to remedy this leak?
As for the valley, Tamko hasn’t given me an answer whether it meets
their specifications.  I simply want the peace of mind that it does.
Unless done incorrectly, I see no legitimate reason not to have it
documented that the roof was done to Tamko specifications.  Will you
send me documentation stating that it does meet their specifications for
my 30 year warranty to be valid?

The valley on your house is CORRECT. It is a reverse valley. If someone said that it was incorrect it is because they don’t understand the process. We have had torrential down pours with no problems. If we had not installed a reverse valley their may have been. As far as your pipe, some pipes will have a crack in the cass iron or imperfections where the rubber gasket wraps around the pipe leaving a small gap that is not very easy to see with the naked eye. A decorative pipe cover works well against the imperfections of the out side of the pipe, but if the pipe has any fractures you may need to replace that area. Please call our office with any questions, emails to my personal email address are not checked everyday.

The vent pipes never leaked before.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?

making sure flashing details (i.e. pipes) dont leak is part of a new roof. he should by all means fix it.


Most roofers will be able to see the gap in the gasket. If the pipe is indeed cracked that is something he should have seen also.(imo) Make him fix it.


I have never seen a valley installed like that in my life. If one of my crews did that i would have them redo it. If the pipe did not leak prior to the new roof i would make him fix it. They do make boot covers and i use them on older homes for that reason alone. What you could do is go and find the local supply house in the phone book and call them to see if they can get you the tamko reps phone number and have him come out and look at what you have and see if he would warranty this roof in its condition. If it does not pass them you have a rep on your side and he will be forced to fix it. Im half tempted to ask for this guys phone number and play like im your cousin. I dont think things are being handled correctly and should be addressed a little more proffesionally. But either way i would call and get ahold of the tamko rep and have him or her look at your roof. That would be the safest and most educated way of dealing with it at this point. Hope this helps.

ditto everyone.

exspecially gtp1003

The problem with Tamko is that no one at their main headquarters will return my phone call or email. Plus, the roofers local rep from Tamko will only come out if the singles are failing. Here was his response:

“I appreciate you concerns regarding your roof but TAMKO only warranties the product against manufacturing defects.  We do not write letters or make determinations on installation unless there is an actual problem on the roof (leaking, blowing off) that may be related to the product manufacture. Here is the link to the application instructions  http://www.tamko.com/Portals/0/documents/Herit.30AR%20F_T.pdf   ÂÂ
We show valley applications but as it says they can contact our technical services dept. for alternative valley applications.  I hope this helps”

Now that I’ve noticed a leak, I may give him another call.

The thing that bothers me most is that everytime they come out for these repairs creates more wear and tear on a new roof. It should have been done correct the first time to avoid all this difficulty.

If I get enough support, maybe I’ll direct both of them to these postings.

Thanks guys.

oh yeah,
trompin up and down, scratchin the new shingles all to hell.
just wonderfull.


Look, that valley is wrong. No doubt about it. Even if that ugly azz method of cutting is allowed by Tamko, the valley either has to go one way or the other. Which side of the valley gets tucked under is determined by which side of the valley is delivering the most water (usually the main roof drains onto the dormers). Sometimes if the two sides are nearly equal in water delivery, I may reverse it if the dormer is a lot steeper than the main roof. There is no reason in the world that I can think of to switch the direction you’re intending water to flow smack dab in the middle of a valley like he did. He’s wrong. Theres no other way to say it.

Regarding the pipe, yes sometimes vent pipes are cracked (below the roof line where it isn’t even visible) and they will leak. But if it didn’t leak before it was either; installed wrong; the boot was defective (and somebody should have noticed); or they cracked it while removing the old collar to accomodate the new boot to sit flat. There is a very, very minimal chance that coincidentally, the pipe just happened to crack near the same time the roof was done from natural causes

Did you pay the guy all the money already? If not, hold back the money until you have it repaired by somebody with a brain and some knowledge of roofing.

I look again, and I see many issues with this roof.

Let’s start with the fact that he doesn’t want to fix this roof because the majority of the valley is backwards, and the majority of the water is flowing into the seam (the lower section is backwards).

Conforming to their lazy man tactics, that chimney is not acceptable to me. I see them becoming popular, but you can’t convince me that caulking is stronger than mortar. They should’ve cut raglets into the mortar to accept counter-flashings, but they took the quick way out. I’m curious to know what caulking they used in the cup.

There is little to no ventilation on this roof. I see a ridge vent, I believe, on an attaching roof, with a gable end vent also present. Then on the main roof and the dormers you’re showing, where are the vents?

You’re probably SOL though, to be honest with you, unless it says somewhere in the contract that they will conform to manufacturers specifications.

Thanks for the continued feedback.

Contacted the Tamko rep. to discuss my concerns. He said he would talk to the roofer. He’ll be here today to install full vent covers.

Roofer was suppose to be here today to install the vent covers. Never showed up. I contacted him and he said he couldn’t make it until Monday. Asked him what time of day on Monday. Can’t give me an exact time.

I do not really fault him for not giving you an exact time, as he is ALWAYS relying on others. Others can really screw up your day. One guy not showing up will ruin your job/budget/the restg of your day or week. Looks like one of his people he relies on did it to him on your house.