Whats wrong with this photo?


Just a sample of a high quality flashing job done in the Dallas Ft Worth Area!


Now…I cant wait to hear your guys response to this one

I could go on for an hr about this crap…but like I said, this is the level of quality here in Dallas.


Chimney cricket what? Fold Flashing corners what?

This is a quality flashing job here. I’ll snag some photos of the ones that are NOT so good…haha


Can we say " Too lazy to get a Hack Saw? "


More of the high quality installations around here~

I see Fronty went into business for himself.

If Im fronty? Damn striaght Tar Monkey…not the first time for me on a roof…not the last~

This is not high quality flashing. You can it better.

you forgot to mention the california cheat valley

Yes. Seen the shingle valley, we always called that the Texas 6 up in the north east

You should see the 3 tabs run here on a 4 inch stagger. Not one bond line for a 3 tab. I was always taught 30-36 bond lines

The valley shouldve been cut and not cheated like that and there is a reason. The cut shingle if angle cut will help devert the water from going under the valley. That straight shingle does nothing to help keep the water from flowing up under the overlap roofed.

Weave a valley if you want it done right! Dont forget your Ice and Water…TEll that to a Texan and they are like ICE? You dumb A$$ theres no ice here. Yes, very very little but there are some serious rains here that warrant WATER SHIELD


“Thought for the day”

The biggest problems here with flashings is that the brick layer is installing it and not the roofer.

is that cheat valley the same as a Tamko valley, or what the link in another thread calls long island valley, or both?

“Weave a valley if you want it done right!”

Eh…I think I’m going to be sick. Heh.


he may mean closed cut by “weave” (i hope) yes that is also called a tamko valley. depending on location in the country the 2 acceptable valley types are closed cut & open metal (pref. with a w bend)

Chimney saddle , Pipe flashings , Raised Drip edge = no good .

Straight courses and California valley i have no problems with .

You guys have to look at the good things also …

I refuse to take the god of roofing attitude so enjoy your flaming thread :smiley:

The flashing = no good, thats right. The valley I have not note. This valley is not secure. Watter can under the roof and take a big problems.

done hundreds of valleys this way not one problem

We have done thousands of tamko style vallys. some over fifteen years ago and no problems.


Of course we have to consider our weather regions .

Here we never get any snow . I am sure this can be a problem on snow climates .

Seen allot of valleys in my time like this. Personally not my way of doing things

Old school I guess

First of all, it’s one thing to tell your customers “I have a different way of doing things compared to a lot of the ‘common practices’ I have seen.”

It’s totally different to say “…Back where I come from / boy, that looks like $#!+!”

I understand you’re not liking what you have seen, however you sure have continued to kick the cow in a very ‘Carpet Bagger’ kind of way. Welcome to Texas, now show us a little bit of manners.

As for the cricket (or lack thereof) I can think of a two answers:

-House (& chimney) built before '82 or so which means IBC didn’t point to crickets for 30" or wider chimneys.
-Cricket may have been passed on since then due to budgetary concerns, or it may not have been offered.

As for the valley, provided you are using a good mil, decent width metal & run the uncut valley shingle high enough up the opposite side, you’ll be fine.

Ice & Water shield - feel free to go apples to apples on price & suck up the difference in cost. I can tell you that here in the Central Texas area, the only spots I add an Ice & Water Shield is on hip tips, ridge cap tips, gable tips & corners (usually around a 3’ x 3’ layover). I also add valley metal to the joint spanning a mobile home; gives the center a bit more grip & prevents shifting on the two halves (minor if anything, I know… but I tell myself it works).

But please - stop with the condescending remarks about Texas quality. I’m sure if I went to wherever you’re from I could find crap, substandard or ‘marginally passable’ work as well.

Not trying to kick the cow however I hear cow tipping can be rather rewarding?

Se Hablo Espano?

Just want to ask you one question there RanchHand

How do YOU install a 3 tab comp shingle?

Im sure you know where Im going with that one…

Why am I in Dallas?

Military Transplant, retired for 2 years in Germany, then relocated/moved here. Lucky me~

Truthfully, I really do like it here, its going to be too easy…but I will NEVER reduce my standards of installations

Sorry if Im a bitter old man set in my ways…think Ive fallen off just 1 too many times

I do like Texas though, makes me feel like Im still in a foreign country

I know just enough Spanish to get my point across with those who don’t happen to have English as a first language… If you’re inferring I’m from South of the border, I’m actually (originally) from East of the border - Coonass here.

My 3T is all 5" offset & I have only done ONE 6" offset (brick pattern) for a patio addition & it needed to match the rest of the existing roof that I didn’t do.

NRCA wants a 5" offset, not the “lazy man’s grid” for a 6" offset.

& around here, Cow tipping is only for hippies on 'shrooms.

Any other questions?

5" offsets ??