Whats your thoughts?

On the Euroshield material (rubber) new brand i hear,got samples sent and they do look good.

it does look like a great product, it’s missing that all important CSA endorsment though .how does it compare price wise to Eviroshake

There about same price wise…but i would say better product.

i priced a couple of jobs with enviroshake this year it’s just so pricey it really requires a specific customer or a hot shot sales man …i guess i had neither. if you do one of those Euroshield roofs let me know i would like to see the product

This appears to be a gem product and it is a panel style roof, meaning that one panel(shingle) replicates 3 individual shakes or slates (depending on the style). If one or more panels start to shade differently, it looks like absolute crap and you will get no support from gem. I have personal experience with these (if they are gem) and they smell like a tire recycling facility, they have un locked after install and i have seen a roof that was under 2 years old and you could see the shingle blistering already.
Take my opinion however you like, after all, I am a Malarkey guy, but I would avoid.

my $.02


Heard the same story today actually…am having second thoughts…bummer tho,they do look good,they are GEM so i heard something else as well and all i can say is they can kiss my azz,

Sounds good but we cant interpret the results without using it. :?