When Does Ridge Vent Get Installed

Hello.I am a new homeowner and having much work done on my home, including a new roof. It is being run through a General Contractor. Yes… I know I could have found a roofer on my own, but for timing/logistics of other work being done, I agreed to give the roof work to the GC.
Here is my question and concern. I contracted to have a total rip, down to the wood, replace rotted wood, re-shingled with 30 yr architectural, and have ridge venting installled continously through all main ridges on the house. (the house is a split and there are two roofs and two main ridges).
My concern is the first roof, which was completed already. I watched as they finished putting new shingles. All the way to the ridge. DONE. COMPLETELY SHINGLED to top of roof
I then asked the roofer if there was a ridge vent. He said ‘yes’. I checked in the attic and sure enough there was NO Ridge vent.
The GC explained it to me the next day as follows:
“Oh there must have been a misunderstanding with you and the roofer. They are putting in the ridge vent TODAY. The roofing guys just ran out of time at the end of the day, so they finished the roof to protect against rain overnight.(NO RAIN IN FORECAST)
The intention the whole time was to take off the new roof shingles today, cut the ridge, insert the vent, and then finish the job properly.”

SO MY question is --Was the roofer trying to pull a fast one on me??? (or possibly he forget to put in the ridge vent)??? Sounds strange/wasteful to the roofer that you would put tar paper and shingles on, then rip them off the next day.

Either way, if the cut for the ridge vent is supposd to be made as soon as the roof is ripped, then the GC is just covering his roof sub-contractor, right???
Do you typically cut the ridge at the beginning of the job,(after the total rip has been done)?? Or do you cut the ridge at the end of the job??


Also, I need to know what to watch for when he does the 2nd roof. I also need to know if my GC and subs are reputable and trustworthy. (Unfortunately a little too late.
THX Again

I usually put the ridgevent on last, or have a guy doing all the ridgevent on the last day as others finish up elsewhere.
Is the ridge covered with felt?

the way they are doing it is fine. i personally cut the ridge open once the roof is stripped.but thats just me. as a roofer…we expect rain EVERY NIGHT no matter what the retarded weatherman says.

I suppose common practice for a new roof, meaning new sheathing, etc., would be to cut the slot in the sheathing, then felt and shingle up to the slot, install ridge vent, then cap shingles.
It wouldn’t necessarily be wrong to shingle up to the top then cut the slot, but I think I would cut the slot first.
Did they install the cap shingles as well, or did they just shingle up to the top? If they capped it off, then they forgot to put on the ridge vent.


I agree with Marshall on this. You can never predict the weather. When I started roofing the guy I worked for left the top row out because it was late in the day and there was no rain in the forecast for the next several days. Well, you all probably guessed what happened. 50,000 dollars worth of damage when a storm blew in that night. From that point on I never left anything uncovered. Sounds like he was looking out for your best interest.


Vents are always the last thing we do. It keeps people from walking on them.

Ridge vent is very easy to do after the fact.

GC’s never want their subs to looks sub :mrgreen: standard, so he may of been covering for the roofer…who knows

“Did they install the cap shingles as well, or did they just shingle up to the top? If they capped it off, then they forgot to put on the ridge vent.”


If they ran the felt and shingles up to the ridge and it was late in the day, it is safer to just lap the shingles over the ridge and secure the roof for the night, than to cut the plywood.

Hello All,
Thanks a lot for all of your opinions from your first-hand knowlege. From your responses, I guess the bottom line is that installing the ridge vent at the beginning is just as common as installing it at the end.
I did not notice if they installed cap shingles at end of Day One. I did not know what to look for. Experience is the best teacher I guess. So I will never truly know what their intentions were.
I am hoping that even if it WAS installed after their oversight, after I made my concern known, that the workmanship is good. From your responses it sounds like doing the vent last will NOT affect the quality/integrity of the the felt and shingles.
It is scary paying good money for a job. But researching a fair price is the owner’s responsibility. But it is SCARIER thinking that the job may not be done properly, and it could affect other parts of your house. Good to know there are plenty of hardworking, honest roofers like you guys out there.
Thanks all, for the “peace of mind”

I doubt if it was an oversight it just gets done last.
You have to shingle up both sides of the ridge before you can install the ridgevent.
If it is hot out it is best to install the vent the next morning because the shingles can get very hot and get scuffed up during installation.
By your posts it sounds like you feel that you caught them cutting corners or doing something wrong, I don’t think that this is the case…
IMO it is more important to get the roof shingled as soon as possible, the vent can wait…
The ridgeslot should be covered with felt until it is time to install the vent, then they will cut out the felt and install the vent.
As long as the ridge slot is big enough and they use the proper length nail all is well.

What Axiom said ^.