When is the right time to shingle new construction?

We’re in the process of building and our shingles haven’t gone on yet - this is making my hubby nuts. :smiley: Right now we have the house framed, sided, all the trim on, all the windows in and most of the doors in except the front door. Drywallers come mid next week. Hubby pointed out that all the other houses in our development going up have shingles almost as soon as the Tyvek is done and certainly before the siding goes on.

Is it normal not to have shingles on yet? :?:

YES YES Dont do insulation or drywallin before…what if it rains :roll: and it is not normal to do drywallin especially before roof!

Eek ok. :shock: but no shingles yet. I’ll make sure our guy gets that roof on before any drywall starts.

Is it odd that he left it this long?

Well he’s either super busy or super unreliable… :mrgreen:

Or he hasn’t found the cheapest roofer yet :mrgreen:

Also, depending on the roof design, if you have any places where a wall needs flashed, the roof should have been done before siding.

The builder will be scheduling the roof before the insulation gets put in and before the drywall.
If you know when the drywall is coming, then you should know that the roofer is on his way.

If the insulation is already in, that means that the roofers have already been called long before and that they are behind.

read on for a small rant…
“He hasn’t found the cheapest roofer yet.”
so true.
When does a builder choose a contractor based on quality?
He chooses the guy with just enough paper work to get by while being the cheapest price.
And he always thinks the cheapest price is too much.

If my roof sat with just the paper underlayment on for just one day,ONE DAY, without roofers working to get it done, i would be pissed.
Because i know what condition the felt is in
and it gets drastically worse every 24 hours.

but builders many times will not get the roofer out there until weeks after its been roof framed.

By the time the roofer gets there , the underlayment is completely worthless. Its ripped up, torn off in several places and every single fastener on the roof has torn through the felt and is barely holding it up there.

Oh, and the builder doesn’t want to pay to remove and replace the underlayment before we install the roof.
Just do it! they’ll say.

I don’t like builders. The roofing is horrible.

Now If you think what i have said is harsh, you should have read what i wrote before i deleted it.

Use Synthetic underlayment!!!

I have done oodles of new construction framing, small amount of roofing. As soon as the last sheet of wood goes on the roof synthetic goes on. Sometimes if the house is really big we dry it in in 2 phases. Rain will not hurt it, and button capped on it will go no where except in a hurricane. Mechanicals come in while we punch out frame, and as soon as vents are through the roof, roof goes on. Round here the roof must be on for final framing inspection, which is required before insulation and drywall. I can’t imagine anywhere allows you to insulate without a roof on.

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts. Should we insist on him taking up the underlayment and having new put on? Its been on for about 2 weeks now.

We asked him about why the roof hadn’t gone on before the siding and his excuse was that he puts the roof on as the last part of the outside work before the house gets locked in because otherwise the roofers are throwing things off the roof and could hurt people below working on siding, etc. Is that a lame excuse?

smart builders know to roof after siding. Siding guys are notorious for tearing up the roof.

That is a lame excuse should be roof then siding as someone said earlier how are you going to do flashings with siding on? :roll:

yeah, J-channel nailed 1/2" above the roof deck don’t leave much room to slide flashing in. I have gone in and set my step flashing before they sided when I couldn’t get to the roof right away but it’s a pain to do and you better not screw up your measurements cause that flashing isn’t moving (nailed to the wall) :(. Still it’s easier then removing and rehanging the siding when I do get there. Don’t do all that much new work anymore though

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts. Should we insist on him taking up the underlayment and having new put on? Its been on for about 2 weeks now.

If it’s not tore up from wind or pulled off the fasteners it’s probably ok yet, depends on the quality of the felt they used.

You expect to fight the flashing in the siding on reroofs but you shouldn’t have to on new construction.

Around these parts siders dont start until roof is done.We get them done ASAP so other trades can do there thing…always been that way round here…

In any dimension of time and space I’ve been in,the roof is part of the framing DRAW,that any builder is after,plus the fact that debris falls down,and siding will get )(*&% ed up if shingles hit it.
It has to be wired before insulation,and I’ve never heard of inspector giving go ahead without shingles on.
Sounds like your builder is dealing with back ordered shingles,or can’t find the bottom of the roofing market pricing yet.

yeah, not sure about the j- channel there. I guess roof would have to go on first. We’ve done it siding first a lot with hardie, siding man leaves it unnailed about 1 foot back and roofer nails it for him. Step flash slides right in between pieces of siding this way. Its much easier for siding man to cornice dormers on steep pitches too, or a big gable area above another roof, again especially on steep pitches. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen 2x4’s nailed right through shingles by siding man. One guy I worked for had his roofer(not me) replace a whole 40 sq roof cause siding guys left over 60 nail holes in shingles. Bozos. He back charged them for it.

roofing goes before windows go in or siding. right after the framing crew puts on the trim.

Same here.

Flippyholz, perhaps you can find your own roofer rather than waiting for the contractor to do it.
The contractor may not like it but it doesn’t sound like the contractor has your or your houses best interests in mind.

Some siding and soffit may need to be removed in order to properly install the flashing, if there is any.

sorry poster,
no u dont have to redo the underlayment.
relax, everythings ok.
were are you located?