When steping into on going job,,,

additions,what ever, when you land a job that is on going and everything is done half ass and wrong, do you charge more ? Extra repairs, what ever,and if it is small , 4-6 sq of siding , roofing repairs like re-doing wall flashing , here is another good one, what to charge for 5 sq of alum siding ,yes you need a pic, 1 story 8-10 ft hi ,3 sides… ? thanks, time to barter !!!


Is this about the other tread you started?

tread? whats that ? an as far was what system,build up,modified bitumen,epdm I have done them ,not an exper but will have alot of help anyway, ,with a concrete deck, you have to mop in the in sulation, than base sheet, and plys, than torch the cap sheet, or ???

charge however much you want to make. if the homeowner doesnt like it…they can do it themselves. you already saw how far they got going that route.


You started a tread yesterday about siding and fixing another guys work.

go knock that guy out for doing such a bad job. Put him in a rear naked chock till he passes out. But watch out hes a roofer so watch out for the right hook. You know what they say about a roofers punch. It will send ya flying. Or mayby just give him a call on the other hand and tell him to shape up. Ive been watching UFC too much.
Why are you doing his repairs in the first place.
Usually if you find one screw look under every shingl and youll probally find screw ups under every shingle.

GENERALLY, you need to do a time and material thing. the problem with small jobs is they always take more time than you think they will and the material is slightly higher than you initially thought. if they started it and it is a horrible job, then you bid to remove all their work and start fresh with yours. if you start with shit you wind up with shit. remember the small things take the most time

Agreed on time & material.

& I think what you guys are trying to say is another “tHread”… as in another or different discussion. :wink:

Anyhow, explain that you can only warrant YOUR work & if they want a complete project that you can stand behind, you will have to tear up all of this & that… then put it back together with your own specs.

I have done repairs all the time where the homeowner says they need another repair & I can guarantee you it’s not because of my work… they only wanted piecemeal repairs & were hoping that my repairs would make the problem go away (even though I told them it was much more involved than patchwork attempts).

You can also tell them that if you have to come back to do more work on a repair that’s not your work you will require a separate trip charge or something similar. Make it financially desireable for them to spend the money now vs. later.