When you guys shingle

do you line up the bottom edges of the shingles from the front of the roof and the side where they meet at the hip so they match

It may be a stupid question but I see in in brochures but thought maybe they just do it for the photography.

Seems like it would be more work and maybe not even work out as home tolerances seem to be plus or minus a foot here and there.


Hi Warren,

Put your drip edge on. Measure up 1/2" less then the height of the shingle. This will give you 13mm overhang. Then just run your shingles. They will be close.

The 1/2 overhang will keep the water from wicking back into the soffits.

Just remember this is not a cabinet.

I was asking about if you guys try to line up the shingle line, the bottom edge of the shingle on the front of a home and the side.

I dont know how to explain it but yoiu have a line at all the shingle bottoms, this line is on the side and the front of the home on this simple cottage style home. I just wondered if yoiu try to make those runs from side to side line up to each other on the hip of the home.

As far as the other stuff, yeah I know it is not a cabinet but it really has me down, I just can’t get started on the facia cause stuff is out so much, right now there is a sag over the garage and it is down about 1 1/4" in that area. Today will try to raise it up a bit in that area, probably can’t fix it but even if I minimize it will be better.

Since I have a solid wood facia board going on do you guys always see homes where there is a board on the rafter ends before the facia board goes on. I nthis case the facia just fastens to the rafter ends and have been told that is wrong.


Hi Warren,

I anwsered your question. If you start your shingles like that, they will line up. unless there is something you are not saying.

pull all the nails on the rafter that is sagging. Sister in a new rafter or a 2x4 to sraighten out the sag.

I realized after I posted that that was what you meant, if you do it that way the will line up I guess.

I had asked a roofer if the sides and the front and if those lines line up if they try to do that and he said no, too much bother yet I noticed it on brochures.

Thanks Lefty, didn’t mean to sound short on my answer there saw that after I posted.


Hi Warren,

If they are a different pitch they will not match.

The nice thing about a piece of wood behind the fascia ( usually 2x6 on new houses ) is that when the gutter installers do their thing they will have solid wood to attach the gutters. As they are usually not to adept at measuring and hitting the rafter ends with their spikes or screws.

It is not entirely necessary.


dont waste your time with matching different hips…unless you are having a party on your roof and everyone is laying face down :wink:

have to worry as now most of us are getting older we would need reading glasses to see if we were face down.

I was thinking of people flying over in any airplanes. Don’t want them to think we were getting lazy.