Where to find Sales Reps?


So we have recently found our company with a lack of quality sales representatives. We are a general contractor with a roofing license and GC license who specializes in storm repairs. We have tried ads on Craigslist, Career Builder, etc… but the resumes we receive are for people who have never been in the roofing business nor do they have any experience in sales either!

Do any of you have any recommendations on where to find sales people?? We are located in Illinois - We have an office in Chicago as well as one in Rockford. We are looking for Independent Contractors for sales. We are fully commission based.

Also, we have been pitched by a company called “HailStaff” who is essentially a recruiter to find us quality roofing sales reps. Does anyone have any experience with this company or any like it?? I am pretty skeptical of it and can’t seem to find any reviews about them online.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!

you might try placing an ad on rooferscoffeeshop.com. vicki is very helpful

Thanks! I will definitely check that out.

Here are a few things to try…

1.) Incentivize your team to recruit their friends. Good people know good people. If you have even a couple good sales reps see if they can recruit their friends.

2.) Network with people. I’m sure you have relationships with suppliers, their reps, etc. Let them know you are hiring.

3.) Consider hiring “green horn” talent - check out this article: http://theroofstrategist.com/recruiting-industry-veteran-or-fresh-blood/

4.) Being later in the season it can be tough to train the whole hail process to guys. Consider segmenting the sales process so the new reps sell the jobs, meet adjusters, and turn in jobs ready to build. Take away production and job management and watch sales increase… I’ve helped multiple companies re-structure their sales process and business operations to do this and their revenues skyrocketed.

5.) Be careful with 1099 and make sure you have the right liability protection in place. Independent Contractor Agreement, W9 (you have to pay a businses EIN not an individual -social security number). I’ve sat with attorneys and CPAs and the “grey” area is dwindling. Give me a buzz at 608.287.4748 and I’d be happy to walk you through some of the other items.

Good luck out there. Denver area still has lots of work to be done and the 4th quarter push should be great for you!

I’m a contractor that knows the buisness very good and I’d be interested

Hi Cameron, if you are interested please give our office a call at 855-55-HYTEK and ask for Kelsey.