Where to find the software?

well first of all happy holidays to all! my name is al i have been roofing for about 12 years have done different types of roofs hot,tpo,rubber,and shingles. i am a foreman at Brent Anderson Assoc. in fridley mn this last year seems like the body i falling apart and maybe time for change,i am in search of some type of software or other info on estimating or inspections i will take what ever info you men and women can provide thank you respectfully big al :?

IF you are going to try and sell let me forwarn you that it is not a steady paycheck like you will think. One week you might have 1500 then the next week 300. I know what you are talking about with the aching body been there. Selling is feast or famine. So becareful on what you are going to do. There is software outhere but really not worth the money if you know how to write and measure you really dont need them. I do wish you luck in this and if you need any other info i would be happy to help you with that.