Where to get roofing supplies in Livonia, Michigan?

I’m a DIYer. This spring I’ll be replacing the roof on my Livonia home myself. Can someone recommend a good place for me to buy quality supplies? Hopefully they can deliver. I’ll need architectural tiles, ice & water shield, 30# felt, hot-dip galvanize nails, galvanized flash sheeting, and probably some other sundries.

I went to Home Depot and it was a real let down to see what they had. When Handy Andy was around, they did a good job of supplying my needs.


Keep shopping at Home Depot. Your choices will get worse.

are any of these places near you? abcsupply.com


You can try ABCsupply or Wimsatt. I am over on the east side in sterling heights so I go to wimsatt here or square deal. But the wimsatt in wayne should be close to you. Good luck with your roof and if you need help or a quote give me a email.

Thanks for the leads. The places near my neighborhood are Viking and Lee. I figure this is a good time of year to shop and line up a source for material.

Thanks for the offer, mackers. Who knows, maybe I’ll start into this project and say “This is nuts!” (because I’m 50 and have a full-time job), and send you an e-mail.


I’ll be waiting for the e-mail. :slight_smile:

Lee wholesale is a good place to buy your materials. and being 50 does not mean you can not do the job. The question is it worth the time and energy you will use. If I can help drop me a line.

Kevin, do you know mackers, also from Sterling heights?

No i dont

I thought you had changed your persona again. :smiley:

Na i just thought it would be time again to post. To be honest i missed this. And you big boy aaron. LOL