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I’m finishing the final course and installing flashing where where low-slope meets shingles.

The Roof

Here are pics of a strip of roofing pushed 3 inches up and under the shingles with a strip of flashing pushed 4 inches up and under the shingles. No pieces are fastened yet.

Another angle.

My questions are:
Is this the right idea?
Should I nail down the strip of roofing but not the flashing?
If the flashing is a “no-nail”, what type of adhesive should be used and where do I smear it?

I don’t know that the metal is neccesary. I have been told in the past to run the low slope stuff up under the shingles 18", felt and shingle it.

Yes, you need to take off a few course on the steeper roof so that you can get at least 18" onto the steep roof.
You don’t need the metal, but you can use it if you like.

the metal is good if you cant flat bar out that under layer of shingles without a problem.i use this method alot out my way where a low slope epdm or pvc roof meets a slate roof.very simular to your situation,just w/ slate instead of shingle.i dont trust that cap sheet your using without somekind of subroof or underlayment.

Regarding to get at least 18" under the shingles… That will be addressed when I replace the shingled roofing next fall. In the meantime, I want to mention that I only get 8 (or less) inches of rain per year. The sun and the wind are my enemies until then.

That said, anyone have ideas on how can I complete the job without tearing into the shingled part of the sloped roof?


Roof cement the shingles to the roll roofing. You will be fine.

Do not use the metal. It will just be something the wind can grab.

8 inches a year?

just put it together the way you are.


im not trying to break your balls but looking @ your picture your nails in the under lap are real close to the cover lap. id go to the top & use button cap nails, simplexes, or tincaps & nails. just hate to see it blow off into your yard.

Maybe that would be good for a local roofer :slight_smile:

ya it would.

If that isn’t SBS lo-slope self adhered, I’ve be worried about it staying.

hopefully that arizona sun will bake it down to that rough side of that osb.