Which brand of architectual shingles are better GAF or IKO?

Just wondering…I have IKO’s on my barn and they look better and lay flatter than the gaf’s on my house but the adhesive on the GAF’s is better…


GAF is better by far. If GAF aren’t laying flat they were installed wrong or haven’t gotten hot enough yet.

i like IKO but no one else does :roll:


IKO is not too far off from GAF compared to quality…(in my opinion) and IKO is relitively cheaper.

If your are a homeowner who likes the many patterns (color changes) across the roof…then IKO is your choice.

GAF is more of a solid color with minimal color changes.

GAF is more qualitatively,but IKo have 6inches weather exp.and instalation go faster like GAF 5.5/8.,lower price,sealing strips reliable.

Without a doubt the notorious finger shredders,GAF,I have used them for years and the only problems I have had is the havoc to my phlanges,I also use IKO but have had problems with shading and different exposures such as instead of 5-5/8 they are 5-1/2 or even 6".By far GAF but IKO’s have crazy sales and discounts that reel in the customers that desire arch’s on a 20yr budget.

Iko’s quality is to inconsistent.They are a thick,heavy shingle though.Its just installing them that sucks.


Heres a roof thats about a month old and had adequate heat and still didnt seal. I think this is my last straw with IKO. After going up on the roof to check the wind damage we noticed the entire roof has significant granule loss after one month. IKO Rep says the whole roof will likely be compensated but id rather just use CertainTeed and not have to deal with these issues.

This may be our last IKO house for a while.

LOL, I have a 46sq GAF Timberline 30 house, Charcoal. It has about 6 distinct different colours on it. Same production date, same colour code.

GAF is going to replace it and I doubt the HO is going to go with Charcoal this time.

you guys up in Canada must get some good wind,looks like is blew so hard the felt came right off with the shingles 8)

You find a builder here in Canada wanting to paper on give me his number cause I want to work for him.

We felt or synthetic every roof we do…eastern canada has funny ways… :mrgreen:

Same here.Not all Canadians are created equal :smiley: