Which Certainteed Shingle?

Forgive me if this is a duplicate post. I need to make a decision on color and style. I don’t think I want to spend the money on Slate series, but either Hatteras (not sure about spelling) or Landmark makes sense. I only have a few days to decide.
I can’t afford to change/paint siding at this time but maybe I can later on. It seems I could go with a lighter gray or weathered wood/driftwood type of look. What would make sense. The dimensional shingles with 2 to 3 colors scare me.
Since the house is only 16 squares, would a bigger shingle make it look smaller? My Bedroom is in the attic so I don’t want it to be too dark. Hopefully this pic will upload. If not, please tell me how to accomplish this. The house is a red brick cape cod (typical red for 70 year old house, mortar beige,don’t see hints of brown but could look a bit orange in the sun. The siding is an off/gray almost a sage green in parts, other parts looks a bit more green. Thanks in advance. Troubled :javascript:emoticon(’:cry:’))


dimensional shingles in a blende will
allow you to have a lot more choices in
color selections down the road if you change colors, compared to a solid color, short of black or white.
I don’t understand you concern for exterior color and interior lighting though.
Neutral colors in the blendes will allow you an enormous selection of compatible colors when you
decide. Hope this helps


Thanks for your reply. I just can’t post the picture because I’m unable to put it on a web site first, a requirement to insert it into the post. I don’t know of a web site to copy it onto.

It’s not “interior lighting” I worry about, it’s the warmth created from choosing a darker color.

I’m just not sure which grays would be lighter but not have too much of a patchwork quilt look. I saw the Owens Oakridge Colonial Slate and I thought it looked maybe a bit too dark and a bit too busy, and I didn’t like the Estate Gray. It had a dirty look. Now, I’m looking in a different product line and there are no homes to view. I don’t know if the “Georgetown Gray” is a medium or lighter gray, or if it’s the equivalent to the Estate Gray in Owens. I just need to know a nice, lighter gray color. Our local library and a few homes I pass have nice gray dimensionals, and I guess I have 2 to 3 days to find out what the roof names are and their equivalent names in Certainteed. I may know of an architect and I have no idea if she’s available or what she would charge me.

I could go with a GAF but I’m not hearing any rave reviews here for the GAFs. That being said, does anyone know of a nice shade of Gray. I did like the Colonial Slate in the Owens line better than the Estate Gray, but maybe one shade lighter for the Colonial Slate?

If I can email a picture to one of you to post, that would be great. Thanks. Wendy


As a homeowner, I found it very difficult to pick a color also! But I did notice that looking at a few shingles on a sample board and looking at a finished house from the road will give you 2 different looks!

On my house (OC weatherwood duration) the finished product look alot lighter! I ended up asking my supplier for addresses who recently purchased the same shingle! I ended up driving by the home(s) to get a road view! Really helped on my decesion! A small amount of time goes into this - and with the amount I spent the piece of mind knowing I put the right color on was very easing on my mind!

good luck!

Thanks so much for writing. I asked the roofer for some addresses but he keeps dismissing me as a neurotic (I think, or he’s dead tired since this is his busy season). I’m going to the roofing supplier tomorrow. I think the conservative move would be a medium gray look but I’m also torn because I’m considering the weathered wood. I think had I not looked at the 2 homes I knew of, I would have just selected the Estate Gray OC automatically. I have a feeling that the Weathered Wood produces a unified look. With the sage green trim and red shingles, a light/medium gray works, and will not make a small house look too small. But I am drawn to the Weathered Wood. I only have 2 - 3 days to decide, then the torture will either be over, or will just begin and linger for a while until I get sick of beating myself up over my mistake. We’ll see. I’ll keep everyone posted. -Wendy

I would pass on the Hatteras shingle and go with either the Landmark or the Duration. Stay away from GAF’s they crack a lot.

As far as color is concerned you can’t go wrong the the Weathered Wood. When I used to roof new houses it would be safe to say over 65% of the roofs had Weathered Wood on them. The color will go with most any siding color.

I always give my customers lists of names, addresses, discription of work done including materials used and dates. This way they can either call the home owners for a referance or just drive by to either see how the quality looks or the color or both.

Did one block were finaly the sixth one broke away from Weathered Wood and put down black.

Shortly after puttin down any color shingle they will fade one shade lighter. When you look at a sample that has not been subject to sunlight it will look darker than what the finished product will look like.

I made it to a different roofing supplier today and they gave me an address for the Weathered Wood, Landmark and one for the OC equivalent, Driftwood. I also have addresses for both brands of the Colonial Slate. The supplier said Estate Gray, OC and Georgetown Gray, are the same but I’m realizing from the samples that they don’t look the same. You said:


[quote=“dougger222”]I would pass on the Hatteras shingle and go with either the Landmark or the Duration. Stay away from GAF’s they crack a lot".

THANKS, I needed the warning. You echo what others have remarked about some of the GAFs…interesting.

“As far as color is concerned you can’t go wrong the the Weathered Wood.”

Even if I do go wrong, it won’t be a glaring mistake. I’m trying to lighten up about everything. Sometimes it’s easier to obsess over one thing rather than facing the more important issues. Moving is very traumatic and the house we are buying needs TLC. Focusing on getting the perfect roof has been a great escape for me :0 and a way of avoiding looking down from the roof to acknowledge that the house needs TLC from plumbing, landscaping and structure. Did I mention that the current roof over the garage (sun room on top) has been re-coated (it appears) and is a gazillon years old? And the actual roof shows leakage, as the inspector verified water and mold getting in. Now to figure out that to do with the mold…maybe I can match the green color L). I’ll keep everyone posted after it’s installed. Thanks for your help. -Wendy[/quote]

I’m just replying (again) to my own post to close out the post. I got a great roofing job completed but I did pick the wrong color. Intuitively I knew that the weathered wood was the correct match for brick that had orange in it, but I chose the colonial slate because I never did see a sample of the weathered wood in the certainteed and I did not like it in owens corning. Of course, now everywhere I drive all I see is weathered wood haunting me. It’s a cape cod on a street with only 6 other cape cods and I wanted it to fit in and look historic. The certainteed is much more subtle than the OC shingles in this color, so it isn’t a glaring mistake but I’m pissed of at myself for overthinking this. Now to make the next mistake with the flooring color. I’m going to close my eyes and pick anything because I won’t like it probably either way. I appreciate that you guys tried to help me. -Wendy