Which goes on first: Gutter or Ashpalt Roof?

A reputable company wants to replace my gutters first and then come back a few days later and replace the roof. It’s a complete tear off with all new sheathing.

Does doing the gutters first make sense? I expected it to be the other way around :?:

It’s an ashpalt shingle roof with seamless aluminum gutters with hidden hangers.


He is running the chance of damaging the new gutters.

Other then that there is nothing wrong with putting them on first.

We install new roofs all the time with the gutter on.

leftys right.
all old roofing has to pass the gutter on the way down and the new has to pass it on the way up. sounds almost impossible not to damage them. in areas where ice is a problem, the ice shield should lap onto the fascia behind the gutter anyway.

Sure he could do it that way but it would be stupid.

Thanks for your all quick replies!

I just called the company and they changed it pronto! They said that the roofing schedule got pushed back but nobody had bothered to change the gutter crews schedule. Now it’s roof first then gutter.

Thanks again!