Which is the best looking black shingle in the market?

For a new house with blue siding .

Which brand and color name

East Coast New Jersey

Homeowner doenst like charcoal or plain black colors


He better paint his house then or go with really light colors. In my opinion blue houses are the hardest to match.

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Looks are subjective.
Buy a bundle of each brand in your area and nail them on his roof in blocks. Let him pick, I charge a couple hundred for doing this and picky people dont seem to mind paying for this


Good idea. Going to find several brands to try

Atlas pinnacle coastal granite.
You’re welcome.

But more useful information would be telling us what brands you have available and we help you choose a color based on that.
Here are some pics of the coastal granite.

Here it is with a house that has blue high lights.
I stopped suggesting light colored shingles many years ago because i was so disappointed in all the future streaks and algae.
But now that i am using Atlas, i am not afraid to offer my customer a light colored shingle like coastal granite
Because Atlas works hard at making their shingles Algae and streak resistant.
They are giving a lifetime warranty against it.
Hardly anyone else even gives it a try.
I know Certainteeds “10”year algae guaranty
Is worthless. They start streaking at year 6.
And i dont think any of the other brands are much better.

The reason why black/charcoal is suggested heavily is because it always looks good and clean its whole life even when the algae and streaking starts.
But a light colored roof when it gets streaks will make a house look horrible.

If i was going for an exciting, beautiful black roof, Certainteeds max def morie black looks good.

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GAF Marquis WeatherMax® The GAF Marquis WeatherMax shingles are one of the best reasons that three-tab shingles have remained the most popular roofing material in the country.

CertainTeed Landmark Pro Max Def Moire Black looks good on a blue house.


Thanks a lot .

How much cost the square ?

I hate 3 tabs . Never going to install 3 tabs just for sheds to match house shingles

Depends on your market.